Acquisition Reform

Through our Acquisition Reform campaign, the Council provides opportunities for our members to meet with and establish relationships with technical managers, senior leaders, and acquisition professionals across the federal government who have influence over the acquisition of homeland security products and services. Our programs serve to educate government decision-makers about how the private sector works, makes decisions, as well as to provide best practices that can help improve the way the acquisition process is conducted.

Through our government-industry engagement efforts, we address the implications of specific programs and policies that affect the bidding process, the market, and industry’s ability to execute contracts. Recent activities have sought changes to the contractor fitness determination process that improve the speed and efficiency of the process for both government and industry.

Our ultimate goal is influence changes to the procurement process that reduce waste and unnecessary costs; improve the consistency, speed, and the outcomes of the process to achieve various mission objectives.

Specific Acquisition Reform initiatives include Reverse Industry Days with a range of Homeland Security Enterprise agencies; small group meetings with Congressional staff and officials such as the DHS Chief Security Officer, a series of DHS Personnel Security Acquisition Innovation Roundtables; and Executive Programs with contracting staff and officials such as the GAO.