Battelle is a global research and development organization committed to science and technology for the greater good. General Areas of Expertise include: Systems Analysis & Engineering; Information Technology Solutions; Chemical & Environmental Technologies; Bio-Medical Systems; Aerosol Process Technologies; Energetic Systems & Security Technologies. Specific Areas of Expertise: Assessing Emergency Management Capabilities; Crisis Management Plans & Procedures; Security of Key Facilities (nuclear plans, airports, critical infrastructure facilities); Support to First Responders (command, control, communications, WMD & hazardous material accidents, equipment usage, EOD); Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, & Explosive; Training & Exercises; Detection & Identification (CBRN); Warning & Reporting; Decision Support Systems; Personnel Protective Equipment; Infrastructure Protection; Decontamination; Medical Surveillance & Management; Communication Integration; Public Awareness; Program Management.

Principal Representative(s): Sharon Hardie