BayFirst Solutions is an organizational management and strategic consulting firm specializing in national security and defense. We help government clients implement programs that protect public safety and enhance homeland security initiatives.

We take pride in being consistently recognized for our service.  Among other distinctions, we received The Department of Homeland Security Small Business Achievement Award, and the DHS Undersecretary Award for Superior Program Execution. And although we appreciate the accolades, our focus is not on being in the spotlight. It’s on doing business the way we think business should be done.

Our Capabilities Include:

Security Risk Management & Analytics

At BayFirst, we help our customers integrate effective decision making processes at every level of the organization. We help them understand and reduce their risk profiles, optimize security resource allocation, conduct appropriate training and achieve regulatory compliance with government and industry.

Network Engineering and Cybersecurity

BayFirst’s teams specialize in architecture, design, engineering, operations, maintenance and management of secure information technology platforms and network infrastructures. We utilize a range of network management tools and technologies, including support for network transports (WAN/MAN), encrypted communications between sites and their hubs, routing architectures, and policy enforcement point security stacks, such as firewalls. We meticulously manage these activities in accordance with project management principles, best practices and project plans.

Aviation and Marine Engineering

For clients utilizing aircraft and watercraft, BayFirst provides mission-enabling engineering services and technical support. Our expertise spans the life cycle of the onboard systems with a specialization in Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

Integrated Logistics Modernization

We support planning, analysis and implementation of logistics systems for the life cycle of acquisition and ownership.

Strategic Planning & Acquisition

We deliver improved process efficiency, program management best practices and actionable performance metrics. Our integrated strategic and capital planning process ensures a strong return on investment, optimal cost and schedule goals, and measurable performance.

Principal Representative(s): Kevin Gooch