Business Process Improvement

DHS Personnel Security Improvements with the Office of the Chief Security Officer

  • Members provided the Chief Security Officer with examples of problems they have had over the past year with getting contractors through the fitness adjudication and entry on duty process.  The information provided focused on process issues so the CSO’s office could better understand what is working, where typical delays occur, the level of communication (and lack thereof) at specific points in the process, and the common themes that related to the delays.  The CSO’s office investigated each example and provided us with a letter detailing their findings and corrective actions.

 Industry Perspectives on the Future of EAGLE II

  • The Council held work sessions with member SMEs to provide their perspectives and considerations to DHS regarding the future of the EAGLE acquisition vehicle. Rather than collect a consensus viewpoint or advocate for any specific position or action, we provided a variety of different viewpoints so that DHS could consider the industry point of view when weighing the pros and cons of their decision. 

 DHS S&T Responder Technology Alliance Discussions

  • Members provided industry insights to the S&T Responder Technology Alliance into how to influence, shape, and incentivize the first responder technology market so that the private sector is willing to develop the technologies and capabilities that are desired for the future. 

 Market-Research Roundtable with DHS Intelligence & Analysis on Service Level Agreements 

  • SMEs from Council member companies met with leaders from the DHS Office of Intelligence & Analysis to discuss industry best practices and insights on drafting Service Level Agreements to achieve specific outcomes as part of DHS’ market research on improving the operations and maintenance of the TS/SCI IT environment used by all DHS intelligence components.

Cost Estimation Modeling and Schedule Management Discussion with DHS PARM 

  • The Council worked with the DHS Program Accountability and Risk Management (PARM) office to form a practitioner based work group made up of industry and government experts that reviewed and provided feedback on a draft version of standards for cost estimation modeling and schedule management across the Department.

GAO Meeting on TSA’s Testing & Evaluation Process

  • A group of Council member companies with extensive experience with TSA’s testing and evaluation of security-related technologies provided industry perspectives to the GAO as they performed their review mandated by the 2014 TSA Acquisition Bill.