Council members develop and participate in focused initiatives designed to build better engagement models between industry and government and improve the way we conduct business together.

Our initiatives are driven by the involvement of our members.

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Launched in 2018, the Council’s Strategic Campaigns on Acquisition Reform; Cybersecurity & IT Enterprise Modernization; Innovation; and Immigration & Border Security are designed to address our members’ capabilities and align with their mission priorities. Our programs, initiatives, and activities are driven by these critical and cross-cutting topics.



Council members have the opportunity to offer their thought leadership through our government-industry engagement initiatives. Our members develop and participate in forums with government to share ideas and collective insights in small group settings on specific topics of mutual interest across the homeland security mission space. Learn more.



The Council serves as a vital collective voice of the Homeland Security Industrial Base in providing input and offering perspectives on homeland security issues to Members of Congress and their staffs. While not a lobbying organization, the Council does testify before Congress and have members meet with Congressional stakeholders to share their experience working with specific homeland security agencies or to explain the impact of a certain issue on the contractor community. Learn more.



The Council’s 20/20 Project on the Homeland Security Enterprise is a five-year initiative launched in 2015. The Project embraces the concept of 20/20 ‘clarity of vision’ and a desire to provide – through a set of surveys and National Conversations – insights and perspectives from both government officials and industry executives as a foundation of information, education, best practices and suggested action for the homeland security enterprise leading up to the year 2020. Learn more.