In 2018, we launched the following four “Strategic Campaigns” to guide the priority direction of the Council’s programs and initiatives over the next few years: 

  1. Acquisitions

  2. Innovation

  3. IT Enterprise Modernization and Security

  4. Immigration/Border Security

These topics were selected based upon the value that increased engagement and dialogue in these areas would provide to both our members and their government customers.

Acquisitions and Innovation are “process focused” campaigns with cross-cutting issues that affect all homeland security mission sets and all of our member companies, regardless as to size or type of business.  IT Enterprise Modernization and Security, along with the Immigration/Border Security are “program focused” campaigns that align with priority mission challenges of the Administration, DHS, and involve issues of concern to many of our members’ lines of business.

The purpose of the campaigns is to ensure that our engagement efforts and dialogue with government are intentional towards driving positive changes to processes and behaviors for both sectors.  For each campaign, we have defined goals around our mission of Access, Insight, and Influence. While the campaigns will guide the majority of the Council’s activities and initiatives, we always leave flexibility for hosting or participating in events that may not directly relate to a campaign but that fit within our mission and are of interest to members.