Grant Thornton supports the Department of Homeland Security by providing value added services to enhance mission performance. Grant Thornton has worked with DHS since its inception providing performance management, information technology, financial management and organizational improvement services. We currently serve HQ and all major components including USCIS, CBP, FEMA, ICE, NPPD, TSA, and the USCG.

Our vision is to achieve leadership in public sector consulting through distinctive client service delivered by outstanding people, partner-level involvement, and a willingness to speak out on issues that matter to government and the wider public.

Grant Thornton provides responsive and innovative financial, performance management and systems solutions to DHS including:

• Financial management services to TSA, USCG, DNDO and NPPD
• Performance management services to DHS HQ, TSA and ICE.
• Program management services to ICE and FEMA,
• Organizational improvement services to DHS HQ, CBP, FEMA and ICE
• Information technology services to DHS HQ, TSA and ICE.

Principal Representative(s): Ron Polito, Vern Butler