The Council’s unique programs and initiatives are designed to foster an open, transparent, and vital exchange of ideas between senior executives from the homeland security industry and their counterparts in government from a range of agencies and components, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the intelligence community. Our current activities focus on addressing the barriers to innovation; improving acquisition and procurement processes; advancing IT modernization/cybersecurity efforts; and developing state-of-the-art solutions for immigration and border security in ID verification and management.

Member Involvement and Benefits

Our diverse set of programs and initiatives provide our members with:

  • Access: We provide numerous opportunities – most often in small group settings – for members to engage with the most important officials from across the Homeland Security Enterprise, as well as with peers in the private sector;

  • Insight: We develop unique programs and initiatives that help members gather important business intelligence about the current processes and future direction of their government customers.

  • Influence: We foster activities to help bring about change to the processes and policies that challenge the private sector’s ability to bring its capabilities to the homeland security market.


Executive Programs

The Council’s Executive Programs give our members the opportunity to better understand the priorities and challenges of their government customers, and engage with them in unique, intimate settings. Our programs feature government officials ranging from senior leaders to program managers from across the Homeland Security Enterprise. Learn more.


Thought Leadership Initiatives

Our thought leadership initiatives provide venues for our members to share both their individual and corporate expertise with their government counterparts and the broader homeland security community. These initiatives include small-group government-industry engagements on specific challenges to both sectors, as well as opportunities to participate in special projects as a thought leader of the collective Homeland Security Industrial Base. Learn more.