The National Conversation brings together more than 100 homeland security industry leaders and government officials to discuss the critical issues impacting the Homeland Security Enterprise. Held annually, the event seeks to further the strategic vision and direction for the nation’s homeland security efforts, as well as emphasize the need for greater substantive engagement and communication between government and industry. The program revolves around a series of conversations between former and current high-level government officials and industry leaders. Past keynote speakers include former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson; former USM Russ Deyo; Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan and former JRC Chairman, RADM Mark Butt.

The event also features the release of the Council’s 20/20 Project on the State of the Homeland Security Enterprise Reports. The Project is a five-year initiative assessing the challenges and opportunities related to key homeland security topics through expert recommendations from both the public and private sectors.