Reverse Industry Days

A Reverse Industry Day (RID) is an event that allows industry leaders to provide audiences of government acquisition and program professionals with a better understanding of how different types and sizes of companies identify, track, price, bid, and perform on contracts. These training events help government understand how the substance, method, and timing of communication and engagement affect a company’s bid decision, solution development, competition, protests, and contract outcomes. They provide a forum for industry to raise issues of concern and offer practical tips that can improve how government and industry conduct business together to achieve better mission outcomes.   

In addition to moderated panel discussions, these events can involve creative formats for learning such as role play exercises and skits that demonstrate how industry makes decisions on RFIs, bids, teaming, and protests, as well as the differences between an effective / ineffective contract debrief.

Our members have served as speakers, moderators, and role players in numerous RIDs before the federal government.  The Council plans and hosts these events on behalf of individual federal government agencies/components as well as works collaboratively with other associations to coordinate and plan RID events sponsored and hosted directly by federal agencies. 

Council-led RIDs:

  • DHS - USCIS Reverse Industry Day (October 2018)

  • DHS - Coast Guard Reverse Industry Day (April 2018)

  • DoD - Contracting Conference – Industry Bid / No Bid Role Play (June 2017)

  • DHS - TSA Reverse Industry Day (November 2016)

  • DHS – NPPD and the Office of Selective Acquisitions (July 2014)

  • DHS – Management Directorate (March 2013)

Collaboration and Planning for Department-led RIDs

  • GSA Reverse Industry Training I

  • GSA Reverse Industry Training II

  • DHS Reverse Industry Day I

  • DHS Reverse Industry Day II

  • DHS Reverse Industry Day III

  • DHS Reverse Industry Day IV

  • DHS Reverse Industry Day VI (Coming February 2019)

  • IRS Reverse Industry Day I

  • IRS Reverse Industry Day II

Special Topic Area RIDs:

  • DHS Reverse Industry Day V: The Interaction of Technology, Innovation, and Cybersecurity

  • GSA Reverse Industry Training on Federal Cloud Adoption

Past RID topics have included:

  • Demystification of Industry

  • Preparing and Responding to Solicitations

  • How Industry Decides to Bid (or Not) (Role Play)

  • Industry Perspectives on Market Research and Pre-RFP Communications

  • Interpreting Requirements and Responding to Solicitations: The Importance of Sections B, C, L, and M to the Industry Decision-Making Process

  • Responding to a Solicitation – Cost Drivers to Industry

  • How Industry Views and Reacts to Government Decisions in the Selection and

  • Administration Phases

  • Industry Perspectives on Evaluation Methodologies, Requirements, and Barriers to Innovation

  • The Value and Importance of Post Award Debriefings

  • Barriers to Entry / Doing Business in the Federal Marketplace

  • Bid Strategy & Teaming (Role Play)

  • The Industry Perspective of RFIs and One-on-One Meetings (Role Play)

  • RFIs, Teaming, and Bid Strategy (Role Play)

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Post Award Debriefings (Role Play)

  • Dynamics of Industry Teaming Arrangements

  • Optimizing Contractor Performance through Incentives

  • Execution – Modifications and Compliance

  • Rapid Acquisition of Cybersecurity Resources

  • Understanding Procurement Challenges to Technology Innovation

  • Understanding the Factors that Drive Protests